Capleton didn’t have the biggest tune on the Volume Riddim, which marked Ward 21‘s return to the GRA series (don’t you love that abbreviation?!). Partially that had to do with the fact that he… wasn’t on it, but even if he was, it’s kind of hard to envision him topping the MONSTER that was ‘Moses Cry’ from Beenie Man which has always been one of my lesser known favourites from the Doctor. This riddim was WICKED and it kind of had a bit of a gimmick to it with the kind of Godzilla/terror sound to it, which served some better than others. Certainly not the best riddim album, even for its time, but it carried a few sizable moments. Along with Beenie were stellar pieces from Bounty Killer, Mad Cobra and the Ward who, win joined by Elephant Man gave the riddim ‘One More [Start A War]’ which was downright evil and I mean that in a good way. 

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