• 1CARNIVAL CRASHERS sweeperby
  • 2VACAY_COMMERCIAL_by vacay mixx
  • 3KING OF FIRE DJ SUPREMEby @itsdjsupreme
  • 4Bubbaling (Soca 2018)by King Bubba FM
  • 5Heart & Soul (Soca 2018)by Rikki Jai
  • 6LifeStyle (Main) (Soca 2018)by Sekon Sta
  • 7Give It To Yaby Marzville Ft Skinny Fabulous
  • 8Waist & Bucket (Soca 2018)by One Voice
  • 9Overdue (Soca 2018)by Erphaan Alves
  • 10Unfair Games (Soca 2018)by LiL Bitts
  • 11No Kill Joy (Main) (Soca 2018)by Kernel Roberts & Tim Tim
  • 12Time To Wine (Soca 2018)by Naya George
  • 13Fling (Soca 2018)by CollegeBoy Jesse
  • 14Doh Judge Meh (Soca 2018)by Terri Lyons
  • 15Doh Let Goby Chuck Gordon
  • 16TicTock (Drop Lock Riddim)by Brandon Star
  • 17Brace (Drop Lock Riddim)by khiry
  • 18Wine And Stick It (Drop Lock Riddim)by king dene
  • 19Drop Lock (Drop Lock Riddim)by syv kapone
  • 20Welcome (Soca 2018)by Kevin B
  • 21Criminal Wineby Lyrikal x Patrice Roberts x Millbeatz
  • 22Appointment (Soca 2018)by Kyle KC Cowie
  • 23No Weapon (Soca 2018)by LFS Music
  • 24Destiny (Soca 2018)by Peter C
  • 25Heavy Fetein (Soca 2018)by Pternsky & Travis World
  • 26Hulkby Blaxx
  • 27How Can Iby Benjai
  • 28Blue Soapby Olatunji, Asten Isaac, Orlando Octave, Rikki Jai, &Yankey Boyoy
  • 29Immortal Feteby Postman
  • 30Glitter And Feathersby Rayzor
  • 31WOI (Soca 2017)by Berbice
  • 32Wifeyby Farmer Nappy
  • 33Come in {Ram Party Riddim}by Blaxx
  • 34Limbo {Ram Party Riddim}by Jaiga
  • 35Til Morning {Ram Party Riddim}by Patrice Roberts
  • 36B.R.A.C.E {Ram Party Riddim}by Ricochae
  • 37Duttiness (Soca 2018)by Loose Cannon
  • 38B.R.A.C.E {Ram Party Riddim}by Ricochae
  • 39Ram Party Riddim Instrumentalby version
  • 40Duttiness (Soca 2018)by Loose Cannon
  • 41Bring Dat (Soca 2018)by Mystik
  • 42Hide Face (Soca 2018)by Terra D Governor
  • 43Jab Brutalby Mr Killa
  • 44Obeah Manby SandMan

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